How To Give Yourself a Spa Day at Home

Sometimes with the daily stresses in life it's nice to treat yourself to a day at the spa—a day to relax and get a massage, a pedicure, a manicure, or even a facial. Because of those daily stresses, it can be difficult to get away, or maybe a day at the spa just isn't in your budget. If so, You can have a spa day at home by yourself with just a handful of beauty essentials that you probably already own. See below for tips on how to pamper yourself at home.

Beauty Essentials Needed

  • hot towels
  • incense or candles
  • facial cream
  • manicure/pedicure kit
  • nail polish
  • 5 green-tea bags
  • soothing music

Home Spa-Day Tips

  1. Clear the house so you have a little alone time. If that isn't possible, lock the bathroom door so you at least have a bit of space to yourself.
  2. Turn on your soothing music on with the volume just low enough that you can still hear it.
  3. Light your candles, or begin burning your incense in your bathroom. Turn down the lights if you are able to. If not, you can turn the lights off completely and use your lit candles for lighting.
  4. Add your 5 green-tea bags to a hot bath. The green tea will help to detox your body. You can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to give it a different scent if you don't like the smell of green tea. You can also add some fresh flowers to your bath if you don't mind the cleanup.
  5. After your soothing bath, you can give yourself a facial. Apply your favorite facial cream to your face and then wrap some hot towels around your neck. From here you can take a minute to relax on the couch or in a chair. Treat yourself to a nice glass of wine while you wait for your facial cream to work its magic.
  6. Once your facial is done, you can wash it off with warm water. Use your hot towels to rinse the rest of the facial cream off of your face.
  7. Begin your manicure/pedicure by taking off any old nail polish with nail-polish remover. Buff and file your nails to even out rough tips. Then paint them in your favorite polish color. Use a toe separator when polishing your toes to keep your toes from touching one another and ruining your paint job. Allow the paint to dry and add a second coat if necessary.
  8. Finish your wine while the paint dries on your fingernails and toenails. 

Giving yourself a spa day at home is a nice way to treat yourself when you can't get to a real spa. If you can, try to take the time to get to the spa to give yourself a day of pampering once in a while. A day at the spa is a great gift for just about any occasion. Consider Audra's Image & Wellness Day Spa.