Sensitive To Sunlight? You Can Still Achieve The Ideal Tan Here

If you suffer from a condition that makes your skin extremely sensitive to ultraviolet light, you may wonder if you can still achieve the ideal tan without endangering your skin. Although you may feel discouraged about your situation, you can still achieve the right look with airbrush tanning services. Learn more about airbrush tanning and you can use it to achieve the ideal tan below. 

What's Airbrush Tanning?

Although natural sunlight can benefit the skin in so many ways, some people can be extra sensitive to it. The individuals may suffer from photosensitivity. Photosensitivity can make it difficult for adults to tan their skin in the sun or in another light source that emits ultraviolet rays. However, the individuals can achieve the tan they want without exposing their skin to direct sunlight. The individuals can use airbrush tanning to achieve the look they want.

Airbrush tanning doesn't require you to lie, sit, or stand in direct sunlight to tan your skin. You also don't need to lie in a tanning bed under hot UV lights to tan your skin. Airbrush tanning requires a salon to spray the surface of your skin with a bronzing agent. The agent gradually darkens your skin until it reaches the ideal shade or color. 

It may take some time before your skin tans to the shade you desire. The color or shade of the bronzing agent used for your skin may determine how dark or light your tan becomes after application. The natural pigments in your skin may also determine the shade of your tan.

If you think airbrushing tanning will work for you, reach out to a salon for services today. 

How Do You Prepare for Your Tanning?

Before a salon tans your skin, you may need to prepare for it first. Airbrush tanning works well on clean skin. Try to avoid using heavy lotions, moisturizers, and other solutions on your skin until after your treatment. 

You also want to gently exfoliate your skin prior to your airbrush tanning. You want the surface of your skin to be as smooth as it possibly can be during your treatment. The tanning solution used to airbrush your skin must go on evenly during application. If your skin isn't properly exfoliated, it may appear uneven after your tanning solution dries.

If you need to do anything else to prepare for your tanning appointment, a salon will inform you about it right away.

Learn more about airbrush tanning by contacting a salon today.