Order Salon Capes For Your Home Beauty Shop

If you will be opening up a beauty shop in your home and have set up the furnishings and accessories that are needed during each appointment, you may be ready to focus on how each client will perceive your business. Capes are one of the items that will give your business a professional vibe. They will protect the clothing of each person who is going to receive grooming services from you.


A cape is a large piece of fabric that is designed to drape over a person's body. The use of a cape will prevent hair clippings, chemical agents, and styling aids from coming into contact with clothing or bare skin. Salon capes can be flowy in design and contain wide sleeves or can consist of a fabric band that covers one targeted area.

Salon capes that are worn throughout a shampooing, cutting, and styling session should provide ample coverage. This type of cape may cover the shoulders, upper body, arms, and upper legs.

A smaller cape style that is designated for use during a targeted session may consist of a fabric neckband that will prevent hair clippings or styling agents from falling or dripping onto a client's lap. A band will contain a fabric tray that extends outward from the neck. This portion of the fabric will act as a barrier. Salon capes may contain Velcro, button, or zipper closures.

Colors And Prints

Your clientele may influence the colors and prints that you choose for each cape design. If you will be serving men, women, and children, you will need to order enough capes for each type of client. Men's and women's capes can contain a specific color theme or have the name of your beauty shop printed across each piece of fabric that a cape is made of.

If you are seeking basic capes that do not contain any frills, order products that are a neutral color and that contain a basic print or no print. If you will be accepting children as clients, choose cape styles that will appeal to a younger crowd.

Popular cartoon or animal characters that are printed on a cape may make a child eager to have you drape a cape over their clothing and help keep them content throughout their appointment. Capes are reusable, but there should always be enough on hand to ensure that each of your patrons has access to one during their respective appointments.

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