How Microblading Differs From Tattooing

Many people interested in microblading for permanent or semi-permanent eyebrows often hear the process called many different things. Often, it's called eyebrow tattooing, which can cause many to shy away from the procedure. While microblading shares some similarity with some tattoo procedures, it's not the same. Here are the differences between microblading and tattooing.

Microblading Uses Pigment, Not Ink

The distinction between "pigment" and ink isn't always easy to make. Pure tattoo ink typically has a stronger, more vibrant look. The chemical compositions of tattoo ink have bolder primary colors. This isn't something one would want for their permanent makeup.

Microblading uses softer tertiary color pigment. The goal is to give an accentuation that blends will with skin tone and looks natural. Tattooing permanent makeup can give a too vibrant, almost clownish look. Microblading represents the opposite of that.

Microblading Adds Color to the Epidermis, Not the Dermis

Your skin consists of three layers. Starting from the outermost layer, they are the

  • epidermis,
  • dermis,
  • and hypodermis.

Permanent makeup only penetrates as deep as the epidermis or the membrane that separates the epidermis from the dermis. The outermost layer of your skin sheds frequently. This means your new eyebrows will lighten over the course of a couple of years.

By contrast, tattoos needles penetrate the dermis and hypodermis, which has steadier cells. That's why it takes far longer for tattoos to fade before they need touchups.

Microblading is Semi-Permanent, Not Permanent Like Tattoos

While it's called "permanent makeup," it's something of a misnomer. Microblading does give you those perfect lashes for a good long while, but eventually they will fade. As stated, your dermis cells will shed. Your permanent makeup will last from one to three years. A tattoo represent a truly permanent solution, but isn't ideal for cosmetics.

The deeper the pigments penetrate the skin, the longer the makeup will last. However, permanent makeup uses gentler tools than tattooing, with finer needles. In addition, the pigments have a thicker texture than most tattoo inks. Because of this, the pigments won't penetrate as deeply as tattoo inks.

The technician will work at giving you fine but understated detail, not bold coloring. So the permanent makeup won't last as long. It's better to think of microblading as a way to add some beautifying accentuation you don't need to apply every single day for a good long while.

Different technicians utilize different techniques to apply microblading. Your results can vary depending on the skill and tools used by the technician. Make sure you do your research and ask questions before you go through with the microblading procedure.