Learn And Practice The Art Of Braiding Hair

Learning the art of braiding hair can be a rewarding experience if you plan on styling your family members or friends hair or if you would like to become a beautician and plan on featuring braiding as one of your specialties. The tips below will help you learn how to braid hair in a variety of ways and will help you boost your confidence as you increase your skill level with each technique practiced.

Watch Videos

Purchase videos that are geared toward learning how to braid and watch the videos in your leisure. While watching, take notes about specific braid types and the way to hold and intertwine groups of hair strands as you are attempting to complete a style.

If some of the braid varieties require several steps and you are unable to grasp the steps necessary during the initial viewing session, rewind the video and rewatch segments in question until you begin to memorize the steps involved.

Use A Styling Head

A styling head is a tool that many beauticians or people interested in the art of styling can use. A head that has artificial strands of hair attached to it will make it seem as if you are styling a real person's hair. Place the styling head on a flat surface. Set your notes next to the head. Plug in a lamp nearby. Watch one of the styling videos and attempt to recreate the style on the styling head's hair. Refer to your notes if you find it to be helpful. 

Do not become frustrated if you make a mistake and one or more of the braids you create are not as beautiful as the ones viewed in a video. Braiding takes plenty of practice and you can expect to try over and over again until you are able to braid with precision and confidence. 

Secure Braiding Hair To Your Own Hair

If you would like to practice braiding your own hair, but your hair is not long enough to do so, securing synthetic braiding hair to your natural hair is an option. Purchase a couple packs of braiding hair and follow the instructions enclosed with your purchase to secure the ends of the artificial hair to your natural hair. Before doing so, you should wash, dry, and comb your hair so that it is not knotted. After the synthetic hair is attached, sit in front of a magnifying mirror and take your time creating a variety of braids.