How To Keep Your Wig From Getting Tangled

In order to make sure that you look as natural as possible when wearing a wig, you need to keep it tangle free. Your wigs are going to tangle much more easily than your natural hair will because your natural hair is constantly producing oils that keep your hair soft and moisturized. Wigs aren't able to do this and therefore end up tangling much more quickly. These tangles can feel borderline impossible to remove. [Read More]

Feeling And Looking Like A Middle Aged Woman? Feel And Look Younger Fast

Do you look in the mirror every day and feel like you're aging overnight? Is your hair thinning, your skin looking dull and your lips wrinkling? This is a problem for many women as they get middle-aged, and you can get treatment options without needing major surgery. Instead of having to watch yourself look older there are some things you can have done to make your reflection look the way you feel. [Read More]

How To Give Yourself a Spa Day at Home

Sometimes with the daily stresses in life it's nice to treat yourself to a day at the spa—a day to relax and get a massage, a pedicure, a manicure, or even a facial. Because of those daily stresses, it can be difficult to get away, or maybe a day at the spa just isn't in your budget. If so, You can have a spa day at home by yourself with just a handful of beauty essentials that you probably already own. [Read More]

Thinking About Laser Hair Removal? Things You Need To Know

Do you find yourself dreading shaving, especially when you want to wear a dress or shorts? Have you tried waxing but just can't handle the pain on a regular basis? You may be one of many consumers who are thinking about trying laser hair removal. While laser hair removal may not result in completely permanent hair removal, it can help cut down on the amount of hair that regrows and how often shaving or waxing is needed. [Read More]